A Heritage Of Insurance Innovation and Integrity since 1915.
Online Quotes

Now there is no more guessing, get a free online quote! Cass & Johansing is proud to offer Free online quotes to make things easy for you. Please make a selection below for a no-obligation online insurance quotation for Automobile, Business, Homeowners and Health Insurance Quote.

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Unique Protection

The earth shakes, fires consume, waters flood, accidents happen, and illness strikes. In the aftermath of it all, what do you really need? Assurance. Response. Support.
For nearly 100 years, Cass & Johansing has provided our commercial clients with solid, innovative, and creative insurance solutions.

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Agency Profile Cass and Johansing has provided expertise and service to individuals and businesses since 1915. The founders, Louis Cass, Sr. and Harry G. Johansing, Sr. knew what their company must possess in order to earn the confidence of their clients-integrity, quality, and experience. With these qualities they built a successful independent insurance agency. Four […]

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